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I started working as a professional musician at the age of eighteen. After playing in numerous rock bands as the lead singer, I began to write original music as well. That led to many years of creating commercial music for radio and television. Eventually performing live once again became my true passion. Career highlights include appearing as the supporting act for many major artists as well as starring in the lead role in Jesus Christ Superstar and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Oh yeah, I'd like to thank my Mom for letting me stay up late to watch the Ed Sullivan Show and The Midnight Special.





“The One Hit Wonders Show” is the ultimate tribute to those wonderful and memorable songs that you forgot you LOVE! The show features hits from that magical period of time between the late 60s to the mid 70s when bands and songwriters felt free to express themselves, both musically and idealistically.


The songs in this show are all considered to be “One Hit Wonders,” which means they were the single BIG hit for each band or artist, or the song they are primarily known for. Due to the popularity of these hits back then, many of these songs were subsequently covered by major artists such as Glenn Campbell, Tom Jones, and even Elvis.


I grew up with these songs, and was influenced by each and every one chosen for the show. This is the music that made me want to become a musician. A few years ago I decided I wanted to produce a show that would feature music from the era I grew up in, and I wanted the show to offer lots of variety.


After a number of trips to Las Vegas to see shows like “Jersey Boys” and a great tribute act called the “Beatles Show,” an idea began to emerge. Creating a show dedicated to “One Hit Wonders” was the answer, and a musical journey back to the 60s and 70s that would feature songs that so many of us love and remember began to take shape. Over two years were spent carefully choosing the specific songs that I thought would resonate best with an audience. The full show is presented as a Las Vegas style revue featuring an 8 piece show band, gorgeous Go Go dancers, and large screen interactive video support.

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